HALO X-ray Technologies has been spun out of the Imaging Science Group at Nottingham Trent University and the Cranfield Forensic Institute at Cranfield University. We are developing commercially-focused OEM X-ray diffraction solutions based on novel and patented Focal Construct Technology that provides platform capability across a wide range of application areas.
Our initial focus lies in the development of HALO solutions for the aviation security and the medical systems markets. We have strong ties to the aviation sector through a long and prestigious research and development programme that has previously realised novel divergent beam X-ray technology (developed and marketed through various incumbent suppliers such as 3DX-ray Ltd) and kinetic depth systems (developed and marketed through Astrophyscis Inc) as 3rd party solutions. We have a clear focus on medical systems and we are currently part of a consortium recentlly awarded an EPSRC grant on Point-of-Care High Accuracy Fracture Risk Prediction. This is an exciting project and we look forward to working with our partners in developing HALO technology for this market.
Our development strategy focuses on the development of OEM products, which can be subsequently sold through a network of 3rd party suppliers across a wide range of applications areas. Our expertise is in the development and optimisation of HALO technology, working with our partners to realise commercial products for specific markets. We recognise that our partners are the basis of our route to market and we seek to develop close ties with them to better understand their applications and customers.