HALO OEM camera for security screening.

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We have extensive experience in the aviation security field and keen to work with new or existing companies in this market sector that wish to make use of our diffraction technology. We are currently working on a new OEM diffraction camera that will allow integration of our diffraction systems with exsiting X-ray screening products.

The HALO team has additional skills in other areas of absorption X-ray imaging including the development of stereoscopic and multiple view imaging systems. We have previously worked in conjunction with UK Home Office and Department of Homeland Security in the United States in the development of a number of novel technological solutions, which led to the manufacture of commercial X-ray imaging products for real-time range determination and kinetic depth effects.


HALO technology has high relevance in the medical sector and we seek to extend our OEM camera technology to work effectively in the medical market.

We are supporting an Engineering and Pysical Sciences Research Council grant on 'Point-of-Care High Accuracy Fracture Risk Prediction'. This is an exciting development for our technological portfolio and we expect to see the development of new medical applications as part of the outcome of this collaboration.

Process Control

HALO technology has direct application in the area of process control. This is a large and disparate market sector with a high degree of commercial potential. We have already identified a need in the cement industry for real-time diffraction technology and intend to develop an extension of our approach for this specific application area.

Other industries

Our platform technology is applicable across a wide range of market sectors and we continue to develop new solutions for our portfolio. Please use the Contact us section if you believe HALO technology can help in your area of application.